Osteria Ferrari is open again at 4/01/2022

In this restaurant we use an air cleaner with hepa filters.

“The first Osteria of the Emilian tradition in Berlin”

Room with kitchen.

There is a place in Italy
where people are cheerful and hospitable; this their character
it is certainly related to their way of eating and understanding food.
Linked to their ancient traditions for centuries, they often sit in
table and, eating … they talk about food; what ingredient is more
just use for example to make Tortellini.
This place is Emilia.
Parents or grandparents transmit ancient art to new generations
fresh handmade egg pasta, filled with every delicacy
and in many forms.
Tortellini, tortelloni, cappellacci, lasagna, and many others;
but also tagliatelle, tagliolini and pasta of the most varied types.
Naturally, potato dumplings are also made with various seasonings.
Their products are unique in the world, such as Parmigiano Reggiano,
Parma ham, salame felino, balsamic vinegar of Modena, or Piacenza cup
the mortadella from Bologna.
All products known worldwide and the treasure of a single region.
But we also make local specialties such as “Gnocco fritto e le Tigelle“.
Those who went on holiday in Emilia will hardly forget
the warmth of the welcome and above all the goodness of the food.
Osteria Ferrari has recreated in Berlin
an Emilian “home” where you can taste the goodies
as you were in a house in our area, where mum or the
grandma, she prepares her delicious dishes.
This is why we do not think it is right to call our restaurant “restaurant”
but rather … “room with kitchen”.
With only 22 seats inside and approx. 18 out of summer, Daniela and Marco succeed
to cook and serve pasta and condiment dishes, made instantly, like at home or not
microwave ovens are used, because we do not have dishes already cooked
Sometimes, when the place is full, you will have to wait a few minutes in
more, but do not rush, Daniela is working for you, so that you can
savor the true Emilian cuisine as if you were in Italy.
During the day we prepare fresh stuffed pasta, using original products
coming directly from Parma and with the best quality products we find
here in Berlin; tagliatelle and tagliolini are pulled at the moment and put
directly into the cooking water.
Because of the small size of the room, we recommend booking.
Enjoy your meal at Osteria Ferrari!