Gnocco fritto and Tigelle.

The Emilia region is a paradise for lovers of good cooking.

Many specialties that have become famous internationally come from here, for example:

Parma ham, Mortadella, Culatello, Balsamic Vinegar, Parmigiano Reggiano, Tortellini, Tortelloni, Pumpkin Cappellacci …

Unique specialties, but above all, are the “Tigelle” and the Gnocco Fritto “, which originate from poor cooking.

The Tigella is a small typical bread in the Apennines in Modena and Bologna (Crescentina).

Tigelle with lard, garlic and rosemary pesto.


The word tigella is the name of the instrument used to bake the crescents on the chest,

a refractory stone disc.As said, originally a meal in antiquity, for the poor; is based on flour,

water, milk, salt and yeast; has a round shape (about 8 inches in diameter).

The Tigelle are seasoned warm, cut in half and stuffed with pesto of Modena lard,

which will melt with heat and naturally a Parmesan splash.

Or even seasoned with the stracchino, a tender Italian cheese.

But also with mixed salami and cheeses.


Il Gnocco fritto

Gnocco Fritto is a kind of bread cut into rectangles of white flour, yeast, lard, salt and lard for frying.

A dish with different varieties of local cold cuts and cheeses.It naturally accompanies

a good Lambrusco Grasparossa or a white Pignoletto (typical of Bologna), which also help digestion.


Il Gnocco fritto